The Amulet of Cassiel


This is an ancient Hebrew amulet bearing the name of Cassiel, one of the major angels of Kabbalah. It is used to drive away one’s enemies. The words on the charm are written with the blood of a bird and then tied to the foot of a dove. The dove is then set to flight, taking one’s enemy with it. Should the bird refuse to fly, it is a sign that one’s enemies won’t depart either.

Traces of this amulet can be found on a house in Amsterdam, known today as ‘the Bloodstained House’ (‘Het Huis met de Bloedvlekken’).


In the 17th century its facade was covered with Kabbalistic symbols by its owner, Coenraad van Beuningen, a diplomat, former mayor of Amsterdam, and now a half-crazy mystic.


The symbols are said to have been drawn in blood, most likely that of the owner, and they are still visible today!

Or did the former diplomat use the blood of a bird, just as the ancient ritual prescribed it?

And who were the dreadful enemies, whom he thus attempted to drive away?